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A colorful idea is born

Our lead designer, Aimie Clouse, is a habitual planner. She writes lists, takes notes on top of her lists, schedules her time to the minute whenever possible, and even uses an app to track how much time she spends on different tasks.

Knowing this, it always confused her that she would go out and buy a planner, only to throw it away at the end of the year with over half of the pages completely blank. She’s a planner. She loves planners. So why wasn’t she using those planners?

The problem was, she needed a planner that was pretty and functional. It had to be flexible enough to keep up with her endless list of projects, and it needed to be as affordable as possible because it turns out you have to repay student loans.

She decided to stop searching for that perfect planner and make one of her own. She combined her love of art and design with her love of planning, and the Color My Life Planner was born on Etsy in early 2016.


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There have been a few hiccups along the way. We learned the hard way that success does not come overnight, despite how many hours and how much blood, sweat, and tears you put into it.

But we believe in our brand. That’s why we have decided to get even more creative with our designs. Not only are we working on a whole new set of planners, but we are also adding a ton of other great content.


Some of the things you can expect to see from us include all new printables as well as beautiful design assets that can be used on a variety of projects, including within our new planners.


We have also decided to spend more time and resources on marketing some of our favorite finds from sources like Amazon.com and Creative Market. We realize that it just isn’t possible to pipe out as much quality content as quickly as we would like, so we are expanding our reach to some of the other great products that are already available on the market. The earnings that we receive here will help us to further develop more creative content of our own.

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your feedback is important

The most important thing to us is that we are able to develop products and content that matter to you. We want you to love our products as much as we do. Because of this, your feedback is incredibly important. We want to know what has helped, what you haven’t liked, and what you might like to see in the future. This is how we will be able to continue to grow and develop better products and content in the future.

So, please, if you ever want to send us a message or email, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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    One of the new things we are working on is a membership club that you will be able to join. It will offer both free and paid options, and will provide huge discounts, free members-only content, exclusive giveaways, and on-demand access to all of our products (except affiliate/third-party products).

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