Getting Started With The 2019 Digital Planner: Planning In GoodNotes, Notability, and Adobe

February 8, 2019
15 min read

You’re probably here because you saw something online about the new 2019 Digital Planner from Color My Life and decided to check it out. Well, first of all, you’re in the right place! I’m going to tell you all about the new digital planner, how to get started using it, and why digital planning can up your productivity game.

Planning is more than just a way to keep track of everything that you need to get done in a given day; it’s also the perfect opportunity to be creative and express yourself. That’s what draws so many people to using traditional planners when there are tons of apps on all your devices that can store your events, lists, reminders, and to dos. But what if there’s a way to have your cake and eat it too? That’s where digital planning comes in!

A digital planner allows you to be creative with just a few tools, while also providing the quick access and flexibility that many of us desire. You don’t have to lug around 10 rolls of washi tape, 50 different pens and markers, and an assortment of other planner ephemera. Just grab your iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and a steamy cup of coffee, and you’re well on your way to Planner City.

Our digital planner is not the only one on the market, but I happen to truly believe that it is among the best. I spent several long weeks personally planning, designing, and creating this planner to be as functional, flexible, and beautiful as possible. Just take a look for yourself!

In the product images below, the iPad Pro is used for demonstration purposes. Planner pages do not include the iPad Pro. Also note that some images contain stickers and written text that are not included, except for those that specifically state otherwise. Planner themes will be alternated throughout to give you a better idea of both available options.

Features of the 2019 Digital Planner

2 Unique Color Schemes / Themes Available (Each Sold Separately)

Hello Holo

2019 Digital Planner - Hello Holo Color Scheme


2019 Digital Planner - Adventure Color Scheme

Custom Orders Also Available

If you love the layout of the planner but hate the colors *gasp*, I am happy to do custom orders! Contact us or submit a custom order request through Etsy. Prices are typically around the $30 range for custom orders, depending on the extent of customization required.

Functional Tabs

Quickly get where you want to go using any of the functional tabs located on the top, bottom, and sides of the digital planner. As you progress throughout the year, tabs will change from one side of the page to the other just like you are flipping through a traditional planner.

Year At A Glance

Add your most important events, birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations to the 2-page Year At A Glance spread.

2019 Digital Planner - Adventure Color Scheme - Year At A Glance
Year At A Glance shown in ‘Adventure’ theme. Stickers are not included.

Monthly Calendar & Stay On Track

2019 Digital Planner - Hello Holo Color Scheme - Year At A Glance
Monthly spread shown in ‘Hello Holo’ theme. Stickers are not included.

Each month starts with a monthly dated calendar with room for notes on the left page, followed by a comprehensive ‘Stay On Track’ page on the right. The ‘Stay On Track’ page allows you to keep up with all the important little details that might otherwise be lost or forgotten, including:

  • 5 top priorities (the things that you absolutely MUST focus on and do throughout the month)
  • A checklist for the rest of your monthly tasks, like changing the air filter or giving your puppy her heartworm preventative
  • A bill payment schedule with due date, details, amount, and a checkbox to mark it as paid
  • 3 individual ‘Goals and Projects’ with checkboxes for actionable steps toward each
  • A ‘Habits and Daily Tasks’ section with 28-31 checkboxes, one for each day of the month, that lets you track up to 6 habits or daily tasks.

Weekly Vertical Layout

2019 Digital Planner - Adventure Color Scheme - Weekly Layout

Perhaps the most important part of the planner for some users is the weekly layout. Each week has its own 2-page spread that uses the same layout loved by users of the Weekly Vertical Printable Planner.


  • 4 weekly priorities (most important tasks, events, etc. for that week)
  • A weekly task checklist
  • A small but notes section — also the perfect space to add some stickers, weekly habit tracker, small monthly calendar, or anything else you might want
  • Daily boxes for writing down any events, holidays, etc.
  • 3 daily priorities
  • 6 multicolored sections with blank vertical headers

Weekly Vertical Printable Planner

My Daily Plan

My Daily Plan is easily one of our most popular printable planners, so it only made sense to optimize it for digital use and give it a home in the 2019 Digital Planner.

2019 Digital Planner - Hello Holo Color Scheme - My Daily Plan

This powerful undated layout can be duplicated as many times as you want or erased at the start of each day, depending on whether you want to retain the information for later.


  • Top 5 tasks for the day
  • A checklist for the rest of your to dos
  • A small section for notes and reminders for later
  • Your daily schedule with no start or end times (you write it in depending on your needs — you can always copy and paste later!)
  • Health and fitness with nutritional goals (calories, fat, carbs, sugar, etc.), an exercise log, medicine log, 3 healthy tasks (meditation, affirmations, diary, etc.), and water tracker
  • Meal plan broken up by morning, mid-day, evening, and snacks

My Daily Plan Printable

Master Task List

It’s all too easy to lose track of tasks. You write something down that’s due in a few months, intending to work on it over time, and guess what, you don’t see it again until it’s almost too late. Then you have to either postpone it or rush to finish, neither of which are particularly fun. The solution is simple — a master task list! There is plenty of space to write down all your current, future, and delegated tasks so you can keep track of it all without having to wonder if you’re forgetting about something.

2019 Digital Planner - Adventure Color Scheme - Master Task List

Digital Planner Tip: Use the selection tool to move the task from one section of the Master Task List to another. Don’t want to do that thing? Move it to “Do Soon”. Ready to do that other thing? Move it to “Do Now”! It’s that easy.

Goal Plan

Each month, you have 3 sections for planning and tracking your goals for that month. But sometimes you have a much bigger goal that you want to achieve. That’s where the ‘Goal Plan’ comes into play.

2019 Digital Planner - Hello Holo Color Scheme - Goal Plan

Each page contains space for a goal description, start and end dates, 6 separate milestones, tasks to reach each milestone, a progress tracker, and a reminder about why the goal is important to keep you motivated and on track.

Digital Planner Tip: If you are working on a 100 Days of X goal, like 100 Days of Code, use each of the progress blocks to mark each day as you complete it. 100 days = 100 blocks!

Goal Plan Printable

Project Tracker

Sometimes our goals turn into big projects. You have the goal to sell your home and buy a new one within the next 5 years, and somehow that turns into completely renovating the entire basement. Big goals = big projects, and with big projects come added needs like tracking cost and managing contact information.

Guess what digital planner comes with a layout for such occasions… 😉

2019 Digital Planner - Adventure Color Scheme - Project Tracker

The detailed Project Tracker spread has everything you need for a normal project with two pages of milestones, cost and budget details, a contact list, timeline, issues and solutions, notes, supplies and services report, and multiple progress bars along the way.

Project Tracker Printable

Organized Sections

One of the coolest features of this digital planner is the ability for you to organize your entire life using the 8 functional sections. Each section has its own numbered tab, which links to a blank dot grid page, followed by a lined page. Use these sections for planning your blog, keeping track of your health and fitness plan, separating each of your courses, managing your business, or anything else that matters to you.

2019 Digital Planner - Adventure Color Scheme - Numbered Sections

Digital Planner Tip: If you want a quick reference for what is included in each of the numbered tabs, take advantage of that little numbered card on the front page of your planner.

Note Pages With Lines and Dot Grid, Each With Its Own Separate Tab For Quick Access

2019 Digital Planner - Hello Holo Color Scheme - Dot Grid Notes
2019 Digital Planner - Hello Holo Color Scheme - Lined Notes

Sticker Packs

Many traditional paper planner enthusiasts love decorating their planners with stickers, stamps, washi, and all sorts of other little planner add-ons. The digital planner is no different. You can add and remove stickers, resize and move them around, and even create your own using an app like Procreate. Use them on any of the pages to both decorate and enhance your planner. Additional stickers will be available later (sold separately).

The 2019 Digital Planner comes with its own basic set of more than 100 theme colored stickers, including headers, checkboxes, mini calendars for each of the months, 31-day checkboxes, and the health and fitness logs from My Daily Plan.

2019 Digital Planner - Sample of the Adventure stickers included with the planner
2019 Digital Planner - Sample of the Hello Holo stickers included with the planner

Devices & Tools Required

Although the 2019 Digital Planner was designed for use on the iPad Pro (so you can write on it in the same manner as a traditional paper planner), it can actually be used on your phone, tablet, and computer as long as you have a PDF annotation application such as GoodNotes, Notability, Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat DC, or Xodo. You can even attach it to a note in Evernote and use Evernote’s built-in annotation features to write on, highlight, and mark up the PDF as much as you want. There are so many different options! Here are just a few of the most popular choices.

iPad Pro & Apple Pencil + GoodNotes or Notability

As I said, this digital planner was designed with the iPad Pro in mind. If you have an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, this is your best bet for digital planning. You can use GoodNotes, Notability, or whatever your favorite iOS PDF annotator may be. I personally recommend GoodNotes, but if you’re looking for a free option, Notability is your next best bet.

Microsoft Surface Pro / HP Spectre + Adobe

If you have any touchscreen computer that comes with a stylus, this is your second best option for using the digital planner. And you can do so with the free version of Adobe Reader. Simply download the planner to your computer, open it in Adobe Reader, and use the comment tools to add text, highlight, or write to your heart’s content. However, you won’t be able to add stickers or add/remove pages.

If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription or individual app subscription to Adobe Acrobat DC, that’s even better because you will be able to edit the PDF to add photos (stickers), move pages around, and even add more links.

Windows or Mac Computer + Adobe

It’s worth mentioning that you do not need a touchscreen computer to be able to use the PDF with Adobe. The ability to write on the planner is helpful but not necessarily required. You can still do everything else with Adobe, such as add text, shapes, or highlight.

FAQ: Can I use the digital planner on more than one device?

Yes — and no. It largely depends on what device and application you are using. If you’re using GoodNotes, that is only available on iOS and Mac. So you could potentially save the planner as a GoodNotes file and sync it across your Apple Devices. But if you’re using GoodNotes on your iPad, you won’t be able to access and edit your planner on your Android phone or Windows computer. For this reason, it’s best to do a little bit of research. Find out which apps are available on all your devices and whether or not they offer some sort of syncing feature.

How To Buy The Digital Planner

If you’ve finally decided digital planning is for you and you have the tools and devices to make the most of it, you can buy the digital planner right here on our website (US Customers) or hop over to our Etsy shop (US and Worldwide).

FAQ: Why do you continue to sell on Etsy?

In order to provide the best possible service and experience for all of our customers, we have decided to use Etsy to sell our products to customers outside the US. Simply put, there are a ton of taxes, forms, and legality issues that we are unprepared to deal with on our website (for now) because “we” is me and “me” is busy creating, designing, and happily answering all the questions that come my way. Etsy handles most of this stuff so I can focus on creating better products and doing everything possible to make sure you have what you need.

Digital Planner License & Instructions

One of the things you’ll get when you download your new planner is a PDF containing instructions for opening the PDF and stickers using GoodNotes and Notability. You can also download it below or just keep reading for the web version.

Digital Planner License

You may:

  • Access and download the files as much as you want.
  • Transfer the files to another computer of which you or an immediate family member from the same residence share ownership. In other words, you and your spouse/children may use this planner, even on multiple devices, but you may not share it with coworkers or others outside of your home.
  • Download and transfer the files to any other personal devices where you plan to edit/use them, such as your phone or iPad.

You may not:

  • Share this planner with coworkers, employees, or anyone other than immediate family members. This is only allowed for PRINTED copies of our printable planners.
  • Use the files for commercial purposes, including but not limited to: sending copies or digital files to your customers or combining the planner with another product for use in promotional materials.
  • Resell, redistribute, transfer, or modify this product in any way without written consent. Please note that adding stickers, photos, etc., or using the planner as it was intended is acceptable and highly encouraged.

How To Import PDF to iPad

Your new planner contains two separate planner PDF files. Decide which of these – Sunday start or Monday start – you would like to use, then proceed with the following steps:

  1. Download the planner PDF onto your computer or save it to a cloud service like Dropbox, OneDrive, or iCloud Drive (cloud service is recommended). Alternatively, you may directly save the file into your Files folder on your iPad. DO NOT try to share directly from Etsy to Goodnotes/Notability as this may not work properly.
  2. If you saved the file to your computer, transfer it to your iPad wirelessly using iTunes wireless transfer or by plugging your iPad in and transferring via iTunes in the traditional way. Skip this step if you have decided to use a cloud service or downloaded the file directly into your Files folder.


  1. Open Goodnotes
  2. Tap the + in the top left corner of the app
  3. Select import
  4. Find the PDF where it has been saved in the cloud or on your iPad
  5. Select the file. It will automatically begin importing into Goodnotes


  1. Open Notability
  2. Select the import icon in the top right corner of the app (the box with the arrow pointing down)
  3. Find the PDF where it has been saved in the cloud or on your iPad
  4. Select the file
  5. Select ‘Create new note’ button when it pops up
  6. Make sure all pages have been selected — this should be the default — and select import in the top right-hand corner

You may also import the PDF into another Annotation app, such as Xodo, PDF Expert, Foxit, etc. However, due to the number of options available, we will not be covering the steps for each.

How To Import Stickers


Your planner comes with two sticker books that have been created specifically for Goodnotes. To import them, follow these steps for each:

  1. Keep the Goodnotes stickers file zipped
  2. Open Goodnotes
  3. Select the + icon at the top-left side of the application
  4. Select Import
  5. Choose the location where the ‘’ file is saved, navigate to the file, and select it. Import should begin automatically.

How To Use Individual PNG Stickers

There is a separate ‘Individual Stickers’ folder that contains all of the stickers found in the Goodnotes sticker packs. You will find it within the zipped ‘License & Stickers’ folder. Unzip this folder to access the photos. You may then upload the entire folder to the cloud or use iTunes to transfer the stickers to your iPad.

Once the photo files are on your iPad, you can drag and drop the images into your chosen PDF application.

So, What’s Next?

Over the next few months, I’ll be working on new sticker packs and add-on forms, including holidays, vacations, health and fitness, food, and more. They will be released individually as quickly as I am able to finish them.

Content Planner & Editorial Stickers will also be released with the new Content Planner & Editorial Calendar kit later this month / early next month. They will match all available color schemes. You can buy them separately and add them to the numbered sections to create an all-in-one personal planner and content planner.

Finally, I will be adding new posts every few weeks so I can answer some of the most popular questions, discuss some of our other products, and provide tips and tricks for using our planners (digital and printable).

Is there anything you want to know more about or a new sticker pack you’d like to have? Let me know in the comments below!

You're probably here because you saw something online about the new 2019 Digital Planner from Color My Life and decided to check it out. Well, first of all, you're in the right place! I'm going to tell you all about the new digital planner, how to get started using it, and why digital planning can up your productivity game. Read more at
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